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About Us

Mark Balaban

Mark Balaban, the founder and president of The Balaban Group, received his BA from the University Of California, Berkeley in 1985. He began his career with Northwestern Mutual, where he was the first, second and third year leader for the entire company in the Western Region. After six years, he left the company and started his own brokerage  firm focusing on the estate planning (high net-worth individuals), specialty entertainment coverage/high limit disability and non-appearance markets. His firm represents some of the most highly visible people in the entertainment, business, and private sectors.

Mark has received numerous awards from the insurance industry for his excellence and is in the top 1% of all insurance brokerages in the county.

Mark has two grown children, is an avid skier and traveler, and dabbles in guitar.

Monica Rios

Executive assistant to Mark Balaban

Monica has been in the insurance business since 2005. Monica is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Balaban Financial, overseeing the entire team with policy service, claims, client relationship, underwriting and placement of coverage. Monica is also fluent in Spanish.

Larry Shrednick

Senior Sales Adviser/ Senior Brokerage Manager

Larry entered the life insurance business in 1985 with personal production, as an agent with New York Life. In 1988 he left New York Life to become a training manager for the Acacia Group. In 1992, he moved to National Life of Vermont where he trained new agents and oversaw the implementation of the Certified Financial Planner program.In 1994, he became the senior insurance adviser to Centerlink. In 2004, he moved to Marsh Private Client Services. Currently, he is the senior brokerage manager, where he is responsible for support, marketing, advanced sales planning (Split dollar, Estate Planning, Business Planning, Buy/Sell) and the continued comprehensive evaluation of all life insurance companies.

David Kopaloff

Senior Sales Adviser/Brokerage Manager

David started in the life insurance business in 1999 as a retail life agent and financial adviser. After building his book of business and utilizing the services of the wholesalers helping him, David decided to transfer his talents to the brokerage side of the life insurance business. In late 2002, David started his  career in the life insurance brokerage business. David’s duties include keeping up-to-date on any/all changes in the life, long-term care, disability, and estate-planning insurance market-place as well as underwriting assistance, case design and the negotiation of offers with the individual insurance  carriers.

Kim Boyer

Director of Underwriting/.Lead Risk Assessment Underwriter

Kim started her career in 1985 as an underwriter for American Fidelity Assurance, were she then moved to Interstate Assurance Company as Senior Underwriter/Team leader.  After years as senior underwriter, she was then moved to Security Life of Denver where she became Director of Underwriting (managing large case underwriting). Kim joined The Balaban group in 2014, where she is responsible for all medical underwriting (risk assessment), Forensic Underwriting, and managing the entire underwriting team. 

Sean McNiff

Sean has been in the insurance industry to over 10 years.  Sean is responsible for designing and implementing  high limit disability, life and non-appearance policies directly with our seat in London (Lloyd's of London) for our entertainment, sports and high net-worth families/individuals.